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TB testing
TB testing by tender ‘will never be welcomed’

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‘IT is clear that public procurement will never be welcomed by current suppliers (private veterinary practices) or representative organisations (BVA and BCVA). They maintain that this is largely due to the risks and potential impacts identified above. Nevertheless, in each of the meetings, there was an acceptance that if we are determined to pursue this course of action then it could be made to work and a willingness from BVA and BCVA to work with us to try and get the best outcomes.’

This is one of the conclusions drawn by the AHVLA on the basis of feedback it received from stakeholders on its plans for procuring TB testing services in England through a public tendering process. The feedback is summarised in a document on the AHVLA's website, which collates responses received at three open meetings held in Worcester, York and Exeter in September and October last year, as well as responses to an online survey. The AHVLA has also published a summary of responses received to a similar consultation on other types of work in which private veterinary surgeons could work in partnership …

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