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Mycobacterial infections in cats in Great Britain

D. A. Gunn-Moore, S. E. McFarland, A. Schock, J. I. Brewer, T. R. Crawshaw, R. S. Clifton-Hadley, D. J. Shaw

THIS retrospective study assessed the histopathological changes associated with mycobacterial infections in cats in Great Britain, as well as their treatment and outcome. An accompanying paper (summarised in VR, January 14, 2012, vol 170, p 55) examined the types of infection, presentation and geographical distribution seen in the same cases.

Mycobacterial infections in cats recorded at the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA) over a four-year period were reviewed. Veterinary surgeons who had submitted tissue samples for mycobacterial culture were contacted and asked to provide information on histopathological changes found within the reported lesions, the course of disease progression (development of respiratory and/or systemic signs, and radiographic or ultrasonographic changes), treatment details (surgery, drugs administered and duration of treatment) and eventual outcome (remission, relapse, euthanasia or death). To investigate the variation in histopathology between cats infected with different Mycobacterium species, samples from 45 animals were selected for detailed examination.

Of the 339 records studied, histopathology results were available from 225 cases, and details of treatment and outcome …

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