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EC calls for a unified approach to Schmallenberg virus

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THE European Commission is highlighting the need for a ‘unified, proportionate approach’ to the emergence of Schmallenberg virus (SBV) in the European Union, and is encouraging member states to voluntarily report and monitor cases of the disease.

The chief veterinary officers of the 27 EU member states met with the EC on January 25 to discuss the emergence of the virus and to review how the epidemiological situation has developed. At the meeting, the CVOs endorsed an information note prepared by the Commission.

The information note summarises what is currently known about the new virus and the emergence of the disease. It points out that none of the infections and diseases caused by other viruses to which SBV appears to be genetically similar (such as Akabane, Shamonda and Aino viruses), are notifiable, and that ‘The data available suggest that the SBV infection does not deserve a different approach …

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