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Bird Health
Aspergillosis in gamebirds and ducks
  1. A. K. Walker
  1. Slate Hall Veterinary Practice, Unit 7 Highgate Farm, Over Road, Willingham, Cambridge CB24 5EU
  1. e-mail: andrew{at}

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I WOULD like to add further comments to the letters of C. D. Parker (VR, December 3, 2011, vol 169, pp 613–614) and Vic Simpson (VR, November 19, 2011, vol 169, p 562). I was directly involved in one of the cases highlighted by Mr Parker. This case presented as sudden-onset mortality in eight-day-old commercial ducks. The birds were brooded in a partitioned end of the shed until 14 days of age before having access to the whole shed with natural ventilation. Gas canopy brooders were in use with wheat straw bedding. The straw bales were …

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