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Diagnosis and prognosis of equine rhabdomyolysis

G. van Galen, C. Saegerman, C. Marcillaud Pitel, F. Pararin, H. Amory, J. D. Baily, and others

ATYPICAL myopathy (AM) is an acute and severe non-exercise-related rhabdomyolysis with high mortality that is being increasingly recognised in Europe. Appropriate management of the disease requires an accurate diagnosis and prognosis predictors, and preventive measures need to be refined. However, to date, no large scale epidemiological studies have been performed. This study examined all reported European cases over a three-year period with the aim to improve the diagnosis, identify prognostic predictors and to refine preventive measures based on indicators of risk factors for this disease.

Exploratory analysis was performed on all European cases reported to the Atypical Myopathy Alert Group between 2006 and 2009. Details of geographic, seasonal, demographic and clinical data, horse management and pasture characteristics were collected. Based on clinical data the cases were allocated into an AM group (confirmed or highly probable cases) and a non-AM group. The AM group was further divided into survivors and non-survivors. From 600 cases, 354 AM cases (with 26 per cent survival rate) and 69 non-AM cases were identified. …

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