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Schmallenberg virus
Polioencephalo- myelitis in a calf due to infection with Schmallenberg virus
  1. K. Peperkamp,
  2. R. Dijkman,
  3. C. van Maanen,
  4. J. Vos,
  5. W. Wouda,
  6. M. Holzhauer,
  7. L. van Wuijckhuise,
  8. K. Junker,
  9. S. Greijdanus and
  10. M. Roumen
  1. Animal Health Service, PO Box 9, 7400 AJ Deventer, The Netherlands
  1. e-mail: k.peperkamp{at}

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SINCE December 2011, an epizootic of congenital malformations, designated as arthrogryposis-hydranencephaly syndrome, has occurred in ruminants, mainly sheep and cattle, in several countries in western Europe (Van den Brom and others 2012). The disease has been associated with a new Orthobunyavirus, named Schmallenberg virus (Hoffman and others 2012). After Schmallenberg virus was detected by RT-qPCR in brain tissue from malformed lambs on December 15, 2011, the Dutch …

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