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Self-assessment on feline medicine
  1. Samantha Taylor

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Self-Assessment Color Review: Feline Infectious Diseases Katrin Hartmann. Julie K. Levy 224 pages, paperback, £24.95. Manson Publishing. 2011. ISBN 978 1 84076 099 6

AS a veterinary student, and when studying for further examinations, I used this self-assessment range of books extensively and found them very useful, so I was keen to review this latest offering on feline infectious diseases. I am pleased to say that this book does not disappoint.

The book consists of 199 case scenarios/questions, with most being illustrated by high-quality photographs. Answers are provided over the page, making them easy to access (I hate having to flick to the back of the book and losing my place), and include a short discussion/explanation. The book is …

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