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Canine Orthopaedics
Unusual antebrachial pathology in skeletally immature pugs
  1. Stephen Clarke,
  2. Malcolm McKee,
  3. Toby Gemmill,
  4. Jonathan Pink and
  5. Stephen Kalff
  1. Willows Referral Service, Highlands Road, Solihull, West Midlands B90 4NH

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ANTEBRACHIAL pathology, in particular growth disturbance affecting the proximal or distal radial physes, is unusual. When present, it can result in a short radius and associated humeroradial and humeroulnar incongruency or a varus deformity of the distal limb (Vandewater and Olmstead 1983, Shields Henney and Gambardella 1990).

Over the past three years, one of us (SC) has reviewed a small number of radiographs from skeletally immature pugs that have thoracic limb lameness. The radiographic features appear to be an overlong radius with proximal and occasional distal radial …

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