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New Year's resolutions

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As we pack away the Christmas decorations it's time to think about some New Year resolutions, says Chris Booth.

January is often a time to ponder on what lies ahead, where are we going and what can we change for the better. In my case, by the time the Christmas decorations are being packed away, I have usually broken most of my resolutions and am dreading the impending credit card statement. Isn't it funny how gyms always ask you to renew membership in January, knowing that by Easter they'll probably not be seeing you for the rest of the year?

So, this year, maybe it is time to plan some resolutions that we can stick to. I have given up with the losing weight thing – maybe preventing further weight gain might be more realistic!

However, it really is time to try to get on with more of my CertAVP, as it seems to hang over my head endlessly. I enjoyed writing my last Module ‘A’ essay, although maybe the light at the end of the tunnel was spurring me on.

Speaking to other vets about their resolutions, it is often subjects like professional development or their employment that crop up time and time again, eg, time to do my first ‘cruciate’, or time to do that endoscopy course, time to ask for more responsibility in the business, promotion, partnership, etc.

So, dear reader, while you are nervously opening your credit card statement, or cheering the departure of your last family member as they return home after New Year, it's worth considering what 2012 might hold for you. Is it time to get more heavily involved in your development, in your profession, or in your career? Is it time to get more heavily involved with the BVA, your local veterinary society or division? Is it time to focus more heavily on the work you do and where you want to be in five years time? Is it time to enrol for that certificate, diploma, swimming badge or half marathon (don't expect me to join in on that one), or to look for a new job?

The BVA has long been fighting for the profession's future, but now it is going to try to help individuals with their future. This year, at the London Vet Show, the BVA will launch its first ever careers fair – a time to get help and support in your career development, and just possibly a new job.

See for more information, and see you there! In the meantime happy New Year, and think – only about 330 shopping days to Christmas. Better look lively!

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