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BVA group membership

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Questions and answers about BVA group membership.

What is group membership?

Group membership is an effective way for any significant employer of veterinary medicine degree holders to save money. It has been available since 2008, and has grown to include more than 150 businesses, which together account for more than 2000 of the Association's members. The scheme was originally called organisational membership, but the name was changed in 2011 to represent the different bodies that can join.

How much does it cost?

The entry level for BVA group membership is up to 10 members, which costs £1350, with each additional five members costing a further £675. This means that membership can be as little as £135 per head, a saving of 50 per cent.

Am I eligible?

There are only two significant requirements in order for a group to qualify for membership:

  • All veterinary medicine degree holders working at the group must become BVA members.

  • Any group taking advantage of this offer must provide a named scheme coordinator for ongoing administration, such as invoice settlement and adding new and removing departing members of staff.

Furthermore, a group with more than one site for its business can amalgamate those sites into one group membership application. For example, a practice with three veterinary medicine degree holders at each of three different locations can come together to form one submission for those nine applicants.

On top of this, support staff such as practice managers and veterinary nurses are eligible to take up Associate membership if there is still space within a group's membership category once all of the veterinary surgeons have been included.

What constitutes a group?

A group constitutes any significant employer of veterinary medicine degree holders. For example:

  • Veterinary practices;

  • Educational establishments;

  • Research companies;

  • Government departments;

  • Charities and trusts.

2012 group membership rates

What's the catch?

There isn't one! You can set up a group membership immediately by downloading and completing the application forms available at

Each individual who is part of a group membership benefits from exactly the same membership services they always had, it just costs less money. The BVA benefits by having one point of contact for multiple memberships, and members gain from the reduced membership rates.

■ If you have any questions regarding BVA group membership, or would like to book an appointment to discuss this further, contact the BVA's membership department, telephone 020 7908 6350.

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