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New third party CPD discounts

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The Webinar Vet

As of January 1, 2012, BVA members can join the Webinar Vet and benefit from a 50 per cent discount on the standard price of membership. Webinars are lectures given over the internet. The viewer sees a PowerPoint presentation and hears the lecturer's voice, but does not see the lecturer.

Anthony Chadwick, founder of the Webinar Vet, said of the new partnership: ‘Since starting the webinars two years ago I have been amazed at how people have embraced this way of doing veterinary CPD. I am very excited to work with the BVA, and look forward to welcoming many more BVA members onto our site for an easy way of fulfilling their CPD needs.’

Membership of the Webinar Vet offers:

  • Full access to the library of over 150 hours of prerecorded webinars;

  • Invitations to the Thursday members' live events (at least 40 per year);

  • Early notification of sponsored webinars;

  • A monthly CD from one of the presentations.

BVA members joining before March 31 will receive a free Logitech USB headset.

Standard rates for this year are £97 plus VAT per month, or £970 plus VAT per year. With the discount applied, BVA members pay £48.50 plus VAT per month or £485 plus VAT per year. Practice memberships are also available, with a discount for BVA Group members. Extra discounts are available for student members and recent graduates, as follows:

  • Student members can access the Webinar Vet for £10 plus VAT per month;

  • Recent graduate members (up to three years' qualified) can access this CPD for £25 plus VAT per month.

For more information visit

The RCVS defines CPD as ‘the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout the member’s working life'.


The BVA is joining up with the SPVS and the VPMA to provide non-clinical CPD – outside London – discounted for BVA members, who will pay the same as SPVS/VPMA members for these training courses.

To claim the discount, the course participant must be either a vet who is a member of the BVA, SPVS or the VPMA, or a non-vet in a practice where there is at least one member of these associations.

Adi Nell, Member Support and CPD Officer at SPVS, said:

‘SPVS and the VPMA are delighted to extend the provision of first-class non-clinical CPD for the whole practice team to members of the BVA. Our meetings provide the perfect place to learn from great speakers and, just as importantly, to network with others from practices around the UK. Even better, BVA members will now get the same discounts as those available to SPVS and VPMA members.’

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Existing third party discounts

Finally, BVA reminds members that partnerships with other organisations exist whereby they can benefit from CPD discounts, such as:

  • RVC: 50 per cent discount for BVA YVN members (those under eight years' qualified) on interactive online lectures.

  • Improve International: 30 per cent off Improve's one-day UK CPD for BVA YVN members.

  • AHT equine: free evening equine CPD and social events.

More information on these can be found on the BVA's website

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