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Use of dry cow therapy and internal teat sealant to control intramammary infections in dairy cows

A. L. Bhutto, R. D. Murray, Z. Woldehiwet

DRY cow therapy is widely used for the control of intramammary infections in dairy cows at the end of lactation; however, concerns regarding antibiotic resistance have led to alternative methods being sought. This study compared two types of dry cow therapy with the use of an internal teat sealant to prevent intramammary infections in dairy cows in the subsequent lactation.

Two Holstein dairy herds located within the same practice area in the UK were selected for the study: an intensively managed dairy herd and an organic dairy herd. A total of 120 cows from each herd were randomly allocated to one of two treatment groups. Cows were selected if they were in good health and had not received antibiotic or anti-inflammatory therapy in the 30 days before drying off. In the intensively managed herd, 60 cows were treated with Leo Red Dry Cow (Leo Animal Health) (now Ubro Red Dry Cow; Boehringer Ingelheim) containing 100 mg framycetin sulphate, 100 mg penethamate hydroiodide and 300 mg procaine penicillin, and 60 cows were treated with Bovaclox DC Extra (Norbrook), containing 600 mg …

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