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Veterinary Medicines
Veterinary medicines: product update

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The following information has been produced for Veterinary Record by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) to provide an update for veterinary surgeons on recent changes to marketing authorisations for veterinary medicines in the UK and on other relevant issues.

THE points below highlight changes in marketing authorisations that may have a significant impact on veterinary surgeons' prescribing decisions.

New marketing authorisations

New marketing authorisations issued in June 2011 are listed in Table 1. Of the products authorised in this period, none contains an active ingredient not previously included in an authorised veterinary medicinal product in the UK.

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Table 1

Marketing authorisations issued in June 2011

These products may not yet be readily available in the UK. Veterinary surgeons should contact the marketing authorisation holder directly for details of supply.

Marketing authorisation variations

The following clinically significant variations to marketing authorisations have been approved and/or published during June 2011:

Companion animals

■ Trocoxil 6 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, 75 mg and 90 mg chewable tablets for dogs.

Additional warnings for use in animals have been included as follows:

‘Animals should undergo a thorough clinical examination before commencing treatment with Trocoxil and appropriate laboratory tests to monitor haematology and clinical chemistry are recommended.

‘Patients with underlying renal disease may experience exacerbation or decompensation of their renal disease while on NSAID therapy.’

Further information has been added regarding adverse reactions:

‘Gastrointestinal protectants and parenteral fluids, as appropriate, may be required for animals that experienced gastrointestinal or renal adverse reactions. Veterinarians should be aware that clinical signs of …

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