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Dangerous Dogs
Engaging with young owners of status dogs

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‘THE key preventive work needs to prioritise what may be termed difficult-to-reach “street cultures” of the young people and where possible their familial support systems rather than take the “easy” option of targeting directed leisure and school-based activities from which these young people are often marginalised if not excluded or absent.’

So says a recent report commissioned by the RSPCA on the issue of ‘status’ dogs and young people. Produced by criminology researchers at the universities of Cardiff and Glamorgan, it recommends that greater attention should be given to multiagency, joined-up, preventive initiatives to tackle the issue, alongside enforcement in the policing of status dogs and their owners.

The report aims to provide a systematic review of available research evidence and literature on status dogs and the possible links between ownership of such dogs and young people's involvement in offending and antisocial behaviour, alongside issues such as welfare, neglect and cruelty to dogs. It looks at what data are currently available and makes suggestions as to how data should be …

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