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Use of Denamarin to reduce chemotherapy-related hepatopathy in dogs with cancer

K. A. Skorupski, G. M. Hammond, A. M. Irish, M. S. Kent, T. A. Guerrero, C. O. Rodriguez, D. W. Griffin

CCNU (lomustine) is used to treat a number of cancers in dogs, but can cause hepatotoxicity. Denamerin (Nutramax), a commercially available veterinary product, contains both S-adenosylmethionine and silybin, which have been shown to provide hepatoprotective effects. This study investigated whether administering Denamarin throughout CCNU therapy decreased the risk of hepatopathy in dogs.

Dogs diagnosed with lymphoma, histiocytic carcinoma or a mast cell tumour that had been prescribed CCNU chemotherapy (alone or in combination with vinblastine) were eligible for enrolment in the study. To be included, CCNU had to be administered at a treatment interval of no more than four weeks. Dogs were assigned to one of two treatment groups to receive CCNU with or without Denamarin. Dogs were administered Denamarin at the time of the first dose of CCNU, and then once a day throughout chemotherapy. In dogs that developed a grade 4 increase in alanine aminotransferase (ALT) activity, CCNU treatment was temporarily or permanently discontinued; dogs not receiving …

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