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Effect of haematocrit on the accuracy of point-of-care glucometers for dogs

A. E. H. Paul, R. E. Shiel, F. Juvet, C. T. Mooney, C. S. Mansfield

HAEMATOCRIT has been found to affect the performance of blood glucometers in human medicine. This study determined the effect of haematocrit on blood glucose readings in dogs obtained using two point-of-care blood glucometers and a laboratory analyser.

A total of 184 dogs were included in the study: 139 were greyhounds – selected due to their naturally high haematocrit values, 16 were anaemic, and 29 had haematocrit values within the reference range. Venous blood samples were taken from each dog and immediately analysed with a handheld glucometer designed for veterinary use, and a portable glucometer developed for use in people. An aliquot of each sample was taken for haematocrit measurement; the remainder was placed in a fluoride oxalate tube to measure plasma glucose concentration using the laboratory analyser. Agreement between results for the two glucometers and the laboratory analyser, and the effect of haematocrit on glucometer accuracy, were assessed.

Significant differences were found between the results of the two glucometers and the laboratory analyser. Haematocrit values ranged from 9 to 67 per cent, and were …

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