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Views sought on proposals to recognise veterinary specialists

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‘IF veterinary medicine and science is to continue to advance, it is important that there is a clear structure to support veterinary specialisation. The veterinary profession must develop its clinical leaders who will advance their specialties and disciplines for the future. Equally, the animal-owning public needs to be able to access this level of expertise for the more complex or unusual cases that may be beyond the expertise of the primary practitioner.’

So says an RCVS working party that has been looking into the structures and routes to specialisation within the veterinary profession to see if there is scope for simplification and improvement. The working party, which has been chaired by Professor Sir Kenneth Calman, a former Chief Medical Officer, has now produced a consultation document seeking views on its ideas so far, with the intention of putting recommendations to the RCVS next year.

In 2009, in his report into veterinary expertise in food animal production, Philip Lowe said the system of specialisation in the veterinary profession was ‘confusing and opaque’. The RCVS subsequently formed the working party to consider veterinary ‘specialist’ qualifications with a view to making recommendations for a simplified …

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