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Severity of PMWS: investigating risk factors on farms

P. Alarcon, M. Velasova, A. Mastin, A. Nevel, K. D. C. Stärk, B. Wieland

THIS study identified risk factors associated with different levels of severity of postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (PMWS) on pig farms in England.

During 2008/09, 147 farms across England were studied. They were recruited through a porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV-2) vaccination programme and by veterinary practitioners. PCV-2 vaccination, if used, could only be implemented after blood samples had been collected on the farm; and all age groups had to be available for inspection and blood sampling. Farms were classified according to the severity of PMWS (unaffected/slightly affected, or moderately or highly affected), based on combining data on postweaning mortality, PMWS morbidity and the proportion of PCV-2-positive pigs. Data on potential risk factors were collected by a questionnaire-based interview with farmers and on-farm assessment. Blood samples were collected for analysis from 20 pigs and two sows on each farm. Risk factors were identified using multivariable ordinal logistic regression and multivariable linear regression.

Factors associated with increased PMWS severity were rearing growers indoors (odds ratio [OR] 23.7), requiring a higher number of veterinary visits per year …

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