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Disaster Relief
Appeal for funds to support emergency response in Kenya

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ALMOST one million livestock have been forced into the Tana River Basin in Kenya as a result of the severe drought in the Horn of Africa. The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) has launched an appeal on behalf of VetAid Kenya to raise vital funds to support an emergency veterinary response in the area.

Each year, pastoralists move their stock to the Tana River Basin to seek grazing land. This year, they have been joined in what the RVC describes as ‘unprecedented numbers’ by pastoralists from other regions affected by the drought. The current estimated population of animals in the area is over 500,000 cattle, 400,000 sheep and goats and 1000 camels. While some grazing is available, the animals are at significant risk of disease, including contagious caprine pleuropneumonia, contagious bovine pleuropneumonia and peste des petits ruminants.

The migrating herds are particularly vulnerable, having been stressed by travelling long distances in poor nutritional condition and then gathered into large groups where infectious diseases can spread rapidly. …

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