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Maths in nutrition
  1. Phil Garnsworthy

Statistics from

Modelling Nutrient Digestion and Utilisation in Farm Animals Edited by D. Sauvant. J. Van Milgen. P. Faverdin. N. Friggens 432 pages, hardback, €92. Wageningen Academic Publishers. 2011. ISBN 978 90 8686 156 9

ANIMAL nutrition is simple – you just calculate the nutrient requirements of an animal, and then provide a diet to meet those requirements. What is far from simple, however, is how to determine requirements for nutrients, nutrient levels in dietary ingredients, how the animal responds to particular nutrients, and how extraneous factors influence animal responses. To answer these questions, we need to understand the processes controlling nutrient intake, digestion, absorption, metabolism and excretion. Unfortunately, the more we study these processes, the more we realise that they are incredibly complex. …

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