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Final-year diary


Having written a regular diary for Vet Record Careers over the past few months, Jennifer Hall has just passed her finals. She is now Jennifer Hall, BSc, BVetMedSci, BVM BVS Hons, and soon to be MRCVS.

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Yes, I'm a vet! There were times during the past few months when I thought it would never happen, but at last it has. It is the most fantastic feeling; a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. All that hard work, those sleepless nights, stress and exhaustion was worth it – I am finally a vet!

I've never experienced an atmosphere change so quickly as it did on results day: at 4.55 pm you could have cut the tension with a knife as everyone waited to be called to their tutor's office, but by 5.10 pm the sheer elation and relief was felt across the whole of the vet school atrium. The vet school staff toasted the success of their first cohort of students with a glass of fizz, among the babbled excitement as people phoned parents and boyfriends/girlfriends, and hugged and laughed with friends; it was infectious.

So, what I have been up to for the past few weeks since exams finished? It has been a bit of a waiting game, so I filled the time by getting my life in order, so that for the next month I can properly relax. It's amazing how much sorting out there is to do when you've been focused solely on revision and exams.

I have booked a meeting with an adviser from an insurance and financial services company to organise income protection for my new job. I need to go and sign the contract, so that I can start my first job with St David's Farm Veterinary Practice, Exeter, on August 1. I also need to find somewhere to live. I didn't realise how much there is to organise when you leave the student world to start work.

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I have also appeared on the BBC (East Midlands News) in a piece announcing the official recognition of Nottingham vet school by the RCVS, and our year also put together and performed the final-year Vet Revue. It was a lovely thing to do together to mark the end of exams. And having nothing else to do meant that we could fully focus on the task; we spent five days rehearsing, making scenery and finding costumes. It wasn't very long to produce a show, but you know how the saying goes … ‘It'll be alright on the night!’; and it was.

There was a full house for the performance on Saturday night, which we ended with our own version of ‘I did it my way’, during which tears and laughter spilled from staff and students alike with the realisation that this really was it, the end of a very important journey for us new vets, and a solid foundation for Nottingham.

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