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RCVS Disciplinary Committee
Vet reprimanded for self-prescribing

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A NORTH Wales veterinary surgeon has been reprimanded by the Royal College Disciplinary Committee after she admitted writing three prescriptions for drugs for her own use when dishonestly claiming that they were for treating her patients.

After a two-day hearing on May 16 and 17, the committee found that Alina Grecko's actions in obtaining two prescriptions for the slimming treatment Reductil and one for the beta-blocker propranolol did amount to disgraceful conduct. However, it decided that the reprimand and a warning as to her future conduct was a proportionate penalty in the circumstances of the case.

A Polish national who qualified from the Kaunas veterinary school in Lithuania in 2004, Mrs Grecko went to work for I. H. Sergeant Veterinary Surgeons, which had three branches in Flintshire, in the spring of 2006. In April 2009, when the principal retired, she bought the surgery at Greenfield Road, Holywell, and began to operate it as a single-handed practitioner, working with a long-serving veterinary nursing …

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