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Introducing the BSAVA's postgraduate certificates

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THE British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) plans to launch two new programmes of modular continuing education in January 2012 leading to the award of a certificate at a similar level to the RCVS Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (CertAVP). At this year's BSAVA congress in Birmingham, Frances Barr, a former BSAVA president, and its recently appointed academic director, introduced the Postgraduate Certificates in Small Animal Medicine and Small Animal Surgery and described the course structures and assessment processes.

The structure of the two certificates would be similar, explained Dr Barr. Each would be made up of 20 modules, with each module being based around a one-day course supplemented by interactive online learning.

Following each course, participants would be required to use online learning resources, accessed via a virtual learning platform on the BSAVA's website. These would include journal articles, MP3 recordings of congress lectures and linked interactive activities such as multiple choice quizzes and problem-solving exercises. There would also be webinars and a discussion forum allowing participants to pose questions and discuss problems with other people on the course as well as moderators with expert …

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