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A. McDonald

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IN tribute to Andrew McDonald (VR, March 12, 2011, vol 168, p 280), William T. Jackson and Rodney Bode write: Andrew McDonald was born in the small mining town of Kilsyth at the foot of the Kilsyth hills, a brother to Mary, Ellen and Elizabeth. At that time his father and uncles were all working down the mine. As a young boy, he spent all his free time roaming the hills with his uncle Pat and cousin Patrick. While up the local glen they would swim in the pools. Hence, he would say that he could only swim in circles. As he grew older he was taken down the mine by his uncles, but knew he could never work down there, as he needed to be out in the fresh air.

In 1939, at the age of 16, he tried to find work with the …

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