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BSAVA Congress
Time to demonstrate responsible stewardship of antibacterials

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Concerns were expressed at the BSAVA congress in Birmingham last week that strict rules on the use of antimicrobials in animals could be imposed on veterinarians unless it was possible to demonstrate that the profession was being responsible in its use. Kathryn Clark reports on a discussion of the importance of ensuring that vets play their full part in responsible stewardship of these products

THE veterinary profession as a whole must put its house in order with regard to the responsible use of antimicrobials, or gather evidence to demonstrate that it is already being responsible. If it does not, it could find that strict rules on their use are imposed upon it.

This was one of the points made during a discussion session on the first day of the BSAVA congress. The discussion followed a series of presentations on the responsible stewardship of antimicrobials and gave delegates the opportunity to ask the opinions of a panel comprising three speakers who had spoken on issues surrounding this subject – Susan Dawson and Tim Nuttall from the University of Liverpool, and Sally-Anne Argyle from the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Dawson, head of Liverpool veterinary school, who earlier in the day had spoken on the issues of antibacterial resistance in companion animals, agreed that the veterinary profession needed to be seen to be taking action on the issue of responsible antimicrobials use. It was possible that the profession already did have its house in order in this regard, but there was no evidence available at present to …

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