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Dangerous Dogs
Handling and restraining aggressive dogs
  1. M. Stevenson
  1. AAS Vets, 20 Glevum Way, Abbeydale, Gloucester GL4 4BL e-mail:

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I READ with interest the Viewpoint article by David Grant looking at the socioeconomic background to the increasing prevalence and use of dangerous dogs in crime (VR, February 5, 2011, vol 168, pp 133–134). Changing people's attitudes to these dogs and their circumstances so they no longer offend is certainly commendable, but may well be outwith the remit of the average apolitical veterinary surgeon, whereas dealing with such dogs is, I fear, a real issue for many vets.

Our practice has taken an active role with the Gloucestershire Constabulary in trying to evolve the actual handling of these dogs. This has been brought about by the …

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