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Control of canine leptospirosis in Europe: time for a change?
  1. W. A. Ellis, BVMS, PhD, FRCVS
  1. OIE Leptospira Reference Laboratory, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Veterinary Sciences Division, Stoney Road, Stormont, Belfast BT4 3SD
  1. E-mail for correspondence billellisellktj{at}

Changes in the formulation of the Leptospira components of dog vaccines are being considered in Europe, following changes in North America. This article discusses the options for change and recommends the continued inclusion of serovars Icterohaemorrhagiae and Canicola plus the inclusion of serovars Bratislava and Grippotyphosa (for mainland Europe only). If other serovars, such as Pomona, are to be considered in the future, then there is a need for additional clinical, cultural and serological studies across Europe to support their inclusion.

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