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Taenia serialis in a domestic rabbit
  1. F. Bethell1 and
  2. A. Truszkowska1
  1. 1 Haven Veterinary Surgeons, Queen Anne's Road, Great Yarmouth, Norwich NR31 0LE

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WE would like to remind colleagues of the need to include Taenia serialis as a differential diagnosis for subcutaneous masses in rabbits.

A 20-month-old male lionhead rabbit was presented for routine dental treatment. During clinical examination, a 5 x 3 cm soft subcutaneous mass was palpable along the right body of the mandible. Fine-needle aspiration yielded 0.2 ml of serous fluid. Lateral and dorsoventral radiographs taken under general anaesthesia demonstrated a soft-tissue opacity extending laterally from, although not involving, the mandible. Surgical exploration of the area identified a cystic structure beneath the buccal musculature. The cyst was removed and contained a small volume of serous fluid and multiple 1 x 2 mm white foci. Microscopic examination identified these foci as segments containing multiple scolices. Histopathological examination confirmed the structure as a coenurus of T serialis, which are usually located within the subcutaneous tissue and fascia of lagomorphs.

F. Bethell, A. Truszkowska, Haven Veterinary Surgeons, Queen Anne's Road, Great Yarmouth, Norwich NR31 0LE

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