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Comparisons of different measurements for monitoring diabetic cats treated with porcine insulin zinc suspension
  1. G. J. Martin, BVSc, PhD1 and
  2. J. S. Rand, BVSc, DVSc, DACVIM1
  1. 1 Companion Animal Sciences, University of Queensland, St Lucia 4072, Australia
  1. Dr Martin's present address is Intervet International, Wim de Körverstraat 35, 5831AN Boxmeer, The Netherlands
  2. Correspondence to Professor Rand


Clinical measurements, including a subjective clinical score and water intake, and biochemical measurements, including blood glucose, fructosamine, beta-hydroxybutyrate, cholesterol, triglycerides, triglycerides corrected for free glycerol, glycerol and urine glucose were compared for monitoring diabetic cats treated with porcine insulin zinc suspension. The data were grouped by subjective clinical score and the sensitivity of each measurement in differentiating the grouped data was assessed. None of the measurements was able to differentiate between the ranked clinical score groups, but two-hourly measurements of blood glucose over 24 hours, water intake, urine glucose and fructosamine were useful in differentiating cats that subjectively had the water and food consumption and general appearance of a normal cat from cats in which the signs of diabetes were less well controlled. Measurements of plasma lipids were not well correlated with the other measurements. The measurements that were most closely correlated with apparently perfect clinical control were the J index, water intake and maximum and mean blood glucose concentrations. In practice, water intake, maximum blood glucose concentration, mean blood glucose concentration and urine glucose would be the most useful indicators of clinical control in diabetic cats treated with porcine insulin zinc suspension.

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