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Control of bovine tb: badger culling ‘can make no meaningful contribution’


  • Badgers are ‘clearly a source of cattle tb’, but evaluation of data indicates that culling ‘can make no meaningful contribution’ to control of cattle tb in Britain

  • Scientific findings indicate that the rising incidence of the disease can be reversed and geographical spread contained by the rigid application of cattle-based control measures alone

  • defra pledges to continue to work with stakeholders to reach a final policy decision

  • bva rejects a suggestion that vets are ‘not interested’ in the scientific findings

  • nfu argues that better testing and tighter controls will be ‘worthless’ unless something is done to stop ‘the relentless cycle of reinfection’ of cattle by badgers in hotspot areas

— These are some of the conclusions in — and reactions to — the final report of the Independent Scientific Group on Cattle tb, which was published on June 18

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