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Plasma chemistry reference values in hybrid falcons in relation to their species of origin
  1. M. Lierz, DrMedVet, DZooMed(Avian), MRCVS1 and
  2. H. M. Hafez, ProfDr, DipECVPH1
  1. 1 Institute for Poultry Diseases, Free University of Berlin, Königsweg 63, 14163 Berlin, Germany


Twenty-one blood chemistry parameters were determined in 127 peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus), 79 gyr-peregrine hybrids and 166 gyr-saker hybrids. These parameters, together with those previously established in 53 gyr falcons (Falco rusticolus) and 234 saker falcons (Falco cherrug), were compared. There were statistically significant differences in 15 of the parameters between the saker and peregrine falcons; the saker and gyr falcons; the saker and gyr-saker hybrids; the peregrine and gyr falcons; and the peregrine and gyr-peregrine hybrids, but not between the gyr falcons and the gyr-saker falcon hybrids.

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