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Serological survey of encephalomyocarditis virus infection in pigs in France
  1. L. Bakkali Kassimi, PhD1,
  2. F. Madec, DVM2,
  3. M. Guy, IE1,
  4. A. Boutrouille, IE1,
  5. N. Rose, DVM2 and
  6. C. Cruciere, PhD1
  1. 1 UMR 1161, Unité Virologie et Barrière d'Espèces, AFSSA-Lerpaz, 23 Avenue de Général de Gaulle, 94706 Maisons-Alfort, France
  2. 2 AFSSA-Ploufragan, Unité Epidémiologie Porcine et Assurance Qualité, BP53 22440 Ploufragan, France


Samples of serum from 76 gilts, 1440 sows, 1473 piglets and 3093 finishing pigs from 96 farrow-to-finish herds were tested for antibodies to encephalomyocarditis virus (emcv) in microtitre serum neutralisation tests employing two strains of virus, one associated with myocarditis and the other with reproductive failure. The total seroprevalence of emcv infection was 2·48 per cent. There was no significant difference between the seroprevalence of the reproductive failure strain (1·6 per cent) and the myocardial strain (1·85 per cent). The seroprevalence was higher in the gilts (6·57 per cent) and sows (5·13 per cent) than in the piglets (1 per cent) and finishing pigs (1·84 per cent), and the highest titres were observed in the sows (1:540) and finishing pigs (1:640). In the gilts, the difference in seroprevalence between the reproductive failure strain (3·95 per cent) and the myocardial strain (5·33 per cent) was wider than in the other groups.

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