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Comparison of an antifungal agent with a mixture of antifungal, antibiotic and corticosteroid agents for the treatment of Malassezia species otitis in dogs
  1. E. Bensignor, DVM, DipECVD1 and
  2. E. Grandemange, DVM2
  1. 1Dermatology Referral Service, 6 rue Mare Pavée, 35510 Cesson Sévigné, France
  2. 2Laboratoire Vétoquinol, BP 189, 70204 Lure, France


Twenty dogs with otitis externa in both ears and numerous Malassezia species yeasts on cytological examination were treated in one ear with a combination product containing clotrimazole, marbofloxacin and dexamethasone, and in the other ear with a topical antifungal containing miconazole. The effects of the treatments were analysed on the basis of the scores for pruritus, erythema and amount of cerumen, and the number of yeasts on cytological smears. There were reductions in the counts of Malassezia species after both treatments, but the combination product gave significantly greater reductions in erythema, cerumen and pruritus.

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