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Investigation of trace elements in soil as risk factors in the epidemiology of scrapie by C. M. Chihota, M. B. Gravenor, M. Baylis (VR, June 26, 2004, vol 154, pp 809-813). An error has been discovered in the molybdenum data in Table 3. After correcting for the error, the line for molybdenum in Table 3 should read: Molybdenum, 15, 140, 1·21, 0·88, 1·68, 0·280.

Table 3 originally reported a significant odds ratio (3·06) for molybdenum, which the authors suggested could have been significant by chance due to the large number of statistical tests undertaken. The new odds ratio of 1·21 is not significant (P=0·280). The authors’ conclusion that ‘it appears unlikely that molybdenum plays a significant role in the epidemiology of scrapie’ remains valid and is supported by the new data. The authors regret the error.

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