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Pathology of sporotrichosis in 10 cats in Rio de Janeiro
  1. T. M. Pacheco Schubach, VMD1,
  2. A. de Oliveira Schubach, MD, PhD2,
  3. T. Cuzzi-Maya, MD, PhD3,
  4. T. Okamoto1,
  5. R. Santos Reis4,
  6. P. C. Fialho Monteiro, MD4,
  7. M. C. Gutierrez-Galhardo, MD, PhD2 and
  8. B. Wanke, MD, PhD4
  1. 1 Serviço de Zoonoses
  2. 2 Serviço de Dermatologica Infecciosa
  3. 3 Serviço de Anatomia Patológica
  4. 4 Serviço de Micologia, Instituto de Pesquisa Clínica Evandro Chagas- Fiocruz, Av Brasil 4365, 21045-900 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil


Ten cats with sporotrichosis were examined clinically and pathologically. They were in very poor general condition, and had widespread ulcerated cutaneous lesions and respiratory signs. Gross internal abnormalities were found only in the lungs and lymph nodes. Histologically, an inflammatory infiltrate and yeast-like structures were observed in the skin, lungs, liver and lymph nodes. The spleen was congested and contained fungal elements. No microscopical changes were observed in the pancreas, kidneys and heart. Sporothrix schenckii was isolated from all the skin samples and nasal swabs obtained in vivo, and from all the samples of lung, liver, spleen, lymph nodes, heart and kidney taken postmortem.

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