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Treatment of gastric ulceration in 10 standardbred racehorses with a pectin-lecithin complex
  1. F. Ferrucci, DrMedVet, PhD1,
  2. E. Zucca, DrMedVet, PhD1,
  3. C. Croci, DrMedVet, PhD1,
  4. V. Di Fabio, DrMedVet1 and
  5. E. Ferro, DrMedVet1
  1. 1 Institute of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Milan, via Celoria 10, 20133 Milan, Italy


The severity of the erosive and ulcerative lesions of the squamous gastric mucosa in 10 standardbred racehorses in training was classified according to a standard scoring system. Each horse was then treated orally for 30 days with 50g/l OOkg bodyweight daily of a pectin-lecithin complex mixed into the feed. At the end of the period of treatment, the gastric lesions were re-evaluated gastroscopically and the scores were compared with those assigned at the previous evaluation. In three of the horses the gastric ulcerations had healed completely, and in six others the lesions had improved significantly.

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