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Incidence of cryptorchidism in dogs and cats
  1. D. Yates, BVSc1,
  2. G. Hayes, MA, VetMB1,
  3. M. Heffernan, MVB1 and
  4. R. Beynon, BVSc1
  1. 1 RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, 411 Eccles New Road, Salford M5 5NN


Over a period of 54 months, 3518 dogs and 3806 cats were castrated; 240 of the dogs and 50 of the cats were cryptorchid. Pedigree dogs, in particular the German shepherd dog, boxer and chihuahua were overrepresented. Among the dogs, right-sided inguinal cryptorchidism was the most common form, followed by right-sided abdominal cryptorchidism. The location of the affected testicle(s) was most variable in the boxer. Among the cats, left- or right-sided inguinal cryptorchidism were the most common forms of the condition.

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