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Treatment of temporary upward fixation of the patella in an alpaca by abrasion trochleoplasty and imbrication of the medial retinacular fascia
  1. P. Zanolari, MedVet1,
  2. A. Steiner, DrMedVet, FVH,MS, DECVS1,
  3. M. Tschudi, DrMedVet2 and
  4. U. Rytz, DrMedVet, DECVS3
  1. 1 Clinic for Ruminants
  2. 2 Unit of Diagnostic Imaging
  3. 3 Clinic for Small Animal Surgery, Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, University of Berne, Bremgartenstrasse 1O9a, 3012 Berne, Switzerland


A two-year-old female alpaca suddenly became lame on its right hindlimb. Eight days later clinical and radiographic examinations showed that the patella had become temporarily fixed within the supratrochlear notch of the femur. Under general anaesthesia an abrasion trochleoplasty followed by fascial imbrication was carried out. After two weeks in supporting slings, the animal put full weight on the leg and six months after the surgery it showed no signs of lameness or recurrence of the upward fixation.

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