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Clinical signs, histopathology and genetics of experimental transmission of BSE and natural scrapie to sheep and goats
  1. J. D. Foster, BSc1,
  2. D. Parnham, HNC1,
  3. A. Chong, BSc1,
  4. W. Goldmann, PhD1 and
  5. N. Hunter, BSc, PhD, DIC1
  1. 1 Institute for Animal Health, Neuropathogenesis Unit, West Mains Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JF


This paper compares the clinical signs, histopathology, detection of PrPSc protein and PrP genetics of the transmission of BSE to sheep and goats, with the effects of the transmission of natural scrapie from a brain homogenate from a single sheep. After intracerebral and oral inoculations there were similarities in the clinical signs due to the two sources of infection, but there were differences in pathology at the end stage of disease and in the genotypes of the sheep which succumbed to the challenges. The incubation period of BSE was associated with the sheep PrP codon 171 genotype, but the natural scrapie source, despite inducing disease only in known susceptible genotypes, showed no clear association with PrP genotype.

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