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Omphalocele in a foal
  1. A. Steinman, DVM1,
  2. G. Kelmer, DVM1,
  3. G. Avni, DVM1 and
  4. D. E. Johnston, MVSc1
  1. 1 Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, PO Box 12, Rehovot, Israel 76100


An omphalocele was detected at birth in a male Arabian foal. The mass contained small intestine and after releasing a constricting band at the body wall, the contents slipped easily back into the abdomen. On the outside was the hairless pink membrane. The interior, now empty of small intestine, contained the umbilical arteries and vein, and a large urachus that extended from the bladder to the opening at the extremity of the mass. Six days after corrective surgery the foal was sent home and remained healthy.

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