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Lesions of so-called flank biting and necrotic ear syndrome in pigs
  1. D. Mirt, DVM, PhD1
  1. 1 Mercator-Agrokombinat, Krško, Slovenia


Skin lesions were established on the flanks of pigs aged 10 to 12 weeks, in the areas of the ribs, the mid-upper leg, the shoulder and the tuber ischii. Skin lesions on the ear tips, known as porcine necrotic ear syndrome, were detected in weaners throughout the raising period. By the histological examination of 50 samples of skin lesions from the flank, two stages of epidermal and dermal changes were established; the milder stage had epidermal changes with marked acanthosis, rete ridges formed deep in the dermis and mild infiltrates of mononuclear cells in the layers around the capillaries in the dermis; the more severe stage had ulcers, under which there were infiltrates of polymorphonuclear cells. The same histological changes were observed in 23 samples of skin lesions taken from the tips of ears with necrotic ear syndrome. On healthy skin from the flank and ear tip, micrococci were the dominant organism, whereas on skin lesions from both the affected areas staphylococci were dominant. Since the histological lesions on the flanks were identical to those in necrotic ear syndrome, which has been associated with Staphylococcus hyicus infection, the pathogenesis of the lesions on the flanks is probably the same.

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