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Laryngeal rhabdomyoma in a golden retriever
  1. C. Clercx1,
  2. D. Desmecht1,
  3. L. Michiels1,
  4. J. McEntee1,
  5. N. Hardy2 and
  6. M. Henroteaux1
  1. 1 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  2. 2 Faculty of Medicine, University of Liège, Sart Tilman B44, 4000 Liège, Belgium


A three-year-old male golden retriever had had progressive dyspnoea, exercise intolerance, stridor, and a modified bark for five months. A mass 2 cm in diameter was present dorsal to the right side of the larynx. Histological examination revealed cross-striations in some elongated cells, consistent with a diagnosis of rhabdomyoma, a diagnosis which was confirmed by positive immunohistochemical staining for myoglobin and desmin. The mass could not be removed without total laryngectomy and a permanent tracheostomy and the dog was euthanased.

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