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Abortion in foxhounds and a ewe flock associated with Salmonella montevideo infection
  1. G. L. Caldow, BVM&S, MSc, CertCHP1 and
  2. M. M. Graham, NDD, SDD, ABIMS,MIST1
  1. 1 Scottish Agricultural College Veterinary Services, Greycrook, St Boswells, Roxburghshire TD6 OEU


Salmonella montevideo is a recognised cause of ovine abortion and can cause disease in other domestic animals and humans. The organism was isolated from the aborted fetuses of a bitch from a pack of foxhounds. The subsequent collection of rectal swabs from the foxhounds at approximately two week intervals over a 48-day period resulted in the isolation of S montevideo from 50 of the 61 hounds in the pack on one or more occasions. Some of the hounds had gained access to an open pit containing dead ewes and aborted fetuses on a farm where the housed ewe flock was experiencing S montevideo infection. The S montevideo isolates from both the ovine and canine samples had a plasmid of 120 kilobases with an identical restriction endonuclease fragmentation pattern. The only other isolate from a contemporary outbreak lacked this plasmid. It was concluded that this case offered further evidence of the potential for salmonella infection to be spread by the scavenging of carcasses.

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