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Effect on viraemia of an American and a European serotype PRRSV vaccine after challenge with European wild-type strains of the virus
  1. P. A. M. van Woensel, Ir1,
  2. K. Liefkens, Ing1 and
  3. S. Demaret1
  1. 1 Intervet International BV, Wim de Körverstraat 35, 5831 AN Boxmeer, The Netherlands


Three groups of 10 pigs were vaccinated with an American serotype porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRsv) vaccine and three groups of 10 pigs were vaccinated with a European serotype PRRSV vaccine. A control group of 12 pigs was left unvaccinated. Four weeks after vaccination the PRRSv-specific antibody titres were determined and each group was challenged with either a Spanish, German or Dutch PRRSV wild-type strain. The serological responses four weeks after vaccination confirmed that the two vaccines were of different serotypes. Vaccination with the American serotype vaccine hardly reduced the level of viraemia after challenge with the European PRRSV wild-type strains, and only after challenge with the Spanish PRRSV strain was a moderate, statistically significant reduction in viraemia observed. In contrast, after vaccination with the European serotype vaccine, viraemia was completely suppressed after challenge with the German PRRSV isolate and almost completely suppressed after challenge with the Spanish and Dutch PRRSV isolates.

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