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Towards a strategy for learning: the response of practices to the Liverpool pilot scheme for extramural study
  1. J. A. Barnes, BA1 and
  2. I. R. Taylor, BSc, MEd1
  1. 1 Evaluation and Assessment Unit, Department of Education, University of Liverpool, 19 Abercromby Square, Liverpool L69 3BX


This paper presents the responses of veterinary surgeons to a pilot scheme initiated by the SILVER project. The scheme was designed to increase communication between a veterinary school, host practices and students undertaking extramural study (‘seeing practice’) and to provide a more structured use of the students' time. The work is set in the context of recent interest in work-based learning as part of undergraduate education, the approach being based on experience gained from a number of professions, including veterinary science. Students were required to identify and communicate their personal learning objectives to host practices in advance of their arrival, and practices were asked to collaborate in a new system for recording students' progress. The paper presents an analysis of the evidence obtained from questionnaires sent to pilot practices. It shows that all the elements of the scheme had been received favourably and had had a positive impact on student learning. The findings are discussed in relation to the development and implications of an educational strategy for extramural study.

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