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Necrotising enteritis in suckled calves
  1. GL Caldow and
  2. R Munro
  1. SAC Veterinary Services, St Boswells, Scotland.


Necrotising enteritis is a newly recognised disease affecting two to three-month-old suckled calves in Scotland. A cohort of 10 calves from an affected herd was closely monitored from birth until the risk period was over, and one case occurred. In addition, all the cases of dysentery in suckled calves reported to SAV Veterinary Services, St Boswells, from April to August of 1992 were investigated and a further five outbreaks of necrotising enteritis were identified. The clinical pathology, gross and histological findings and results of microbiological investigations are described. No aetiological agent was identified and although the condition bore a superficial resemblance to mucosal disease the histological changes were distinct from those of mucosal disease and no bovine viral diarrhoea virus antigen was detected.

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