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Angular limb deformity in a calf treated by periosteotomy and wedge osteotomy
  1. H Edinger,
  2. J Kofler and
  3. J Ebner
  1. Klinik fur Orthopadie bei Huf- und Klauentieren, Veterinarmedizinische Universitat Wien, Austria.


A carpus valgus deformity was diagnosed in a five-week-old Brown Swiss calf. The 45 degrees deformity was caused by the malaligned healing of a fracture of the left metacarpus after birth trauma. The deviation improved to 25 degrees after being treated with a semicircular lateral periosteotomy above the distal physis of the radius. A complete correction was made by means of a wedge osteotomy five months after the first treatment. A 20 degrees wedge of bone was removed. The metacarpus was stabilised with a seven-hole dynamic compression plate which was removed 12 weeks later. Thirty months later the calf was sold as a pregnant heifer at an auction of breeding cattle.

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