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Severe post-dipping dermatitis and subcutaneous fluid swellings associated with two outbreaks of sheep scab (Psoroptes ovis infestation)
  1. ND Sargison,
  2. PR Scott,
  3. CJ Clarke,
  4. CD Penny and
  5. RS Pirie
  1. Department of Veterinary Clinical Studies, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Roslin, Midlothian.


Large subcutaneous fluid swellings developed on some of the sheep in two flocks infested with Psoroptes ovis during the two weeks after they had been plunge-dipped in phenol-based solutions. The swellings contained between 1 and 10 litres of exudate and affected 4 per cent of the sheep in each flock. The sheep with subcutaneous fluid swellings or exudative dermatitis had significantly lower serum albumin concentrations than the unaffected sheep (P < 0.05). In most cases secondary bacterial infections of the exudate occurred and these necessitated intensive antibiotic therapy. The severity of the skin lesions posed a serious welfare problem.

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