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Ataxia due to a vertebral haemangiosarcoma in a horse
  1. MJ Newton-Clarke,
  2. MR Guffoy,
  3. NL Dykes and
  4. TJ Divers
  1. Department of Clinical Sciences, New York State College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, Ithaca 14853.


A haemangiosarcoma in a horse resulted in ataxia affecting all four legs, a low head carriage and a reluctance to flex the neck. Ancillary diagnostic procedures included the analysis of cerebrospinal fluid, standing lateral cervical radiographs and a myelogram. Post mortem a tumour was found which involved the body of the second cervical vertebra and the associated hypaxial muscles, with secondary intravertebral extradural infiltration and focal compressive myelopathy. A histological examination showed that the tumour was a haemangiosarcoma.

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