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Development of early bovine embryos in different culture systems
  1. HL Feng,
  2. QZ Yang,
  3. QY Sun,
  4. PC Qin and
  5. JM Liu
  1. Department of Biological Science, Changchun Veterinary College, China.


The objective of this study was to examine the effects of different culture systems on the development of early bovine embryos in vitro. A total of 1089 oocytes were aspirated from 2 to 5 mm follicles of ovaries collected at a local abattoir; a high proportion of the oocytes matured in vitro were fertilised by spermatozoa capacitated with caffeine and heparin. Seven to eight hours after insemination, the oocytes were transferred into three in vitro systems: A, TCM 199 + 10 per cent fetal calf serum culture medium, B, coculture with a monolayer of granulosa cells and C, coculture with bovine oviductal epithelial cells. The results showed that the proportion of the early bovine embryos which overcame the block at eight to 16 cells and developed to the morula and blastocyst stages in system C was significantly higher than in systems A or B.

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